Farmers are invited to join us at the Farm Hub for topical meetings during the growing season.

Farmer Events

During the growing season, we welcome farmers for on-site discussions of the Farm Hub’s work as it progresses. These field days and twilight meetings are an invaluable way for farmers to participate in and learn about the resilient practices we are using on the farm.

Check back for more meetings as they are scheduled. We hope that many area farmers will join us, as together we continue to build a collaborative and inspired learning community in Hudson Valley agriculture.


Post-Harvest Training: Wash and Pack Consideration

Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

The Hudson Valley Farm Hub will host a half-day workshop on post-harvest considerations in the wash line and packing house.

Robert Hadad, Extension Vegetable Specialist from Cornell Cooperative Extension in Monroe County will tie food safety practices to the wash-and-pack, covering facility design, product flow, wash techniques and sanitizer, cleaning and more.

Farm Hub staff will offer a walk-through of our newly constructed wash and pack facility, featuring three separate climate-controlled rooms capable of long-term storage of root crops, a brusher-washer with a vibrating sorting table, and tubs for hydro-cooling broccoli.

Location: Hudson Valley Farm Hub, 1875 Hurley Mountain Road, Hurley, NY 12443

Registration is $15 per individual or $25 for two or more people from the same farm.

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Events are photographed and video recorded for archival purposes. Footage may be used for future educational programming and media.


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