What’s Growing 2018

Each year, our growing season plans reflect our educational initiatives and our mission to develop and demonstrate ecological farming practices.

What’s Growing 2018


Field Crops

The Farm Hub is growing grain corn and soybeans on approximately 400 acres as a means of demonstrating no-till and organic product techniques such as interseeding and rolling and crimping. Rye and alfalfa enhance the soil and are harvested for straw as mulch in the vegetable fields. Two heritage wheat and rye varieties from our small grains trial were selected for production-scale grow-outs this year.

Cover Crops

Cover crops are planted for the purpose of protecting and improving the soil, reducing the need for fertilizer, and decreasing insect and disease pressure. They also can protect soil from wind erosion and flooding. Red clover, buckwheat, timothy, alfalfa, rye, and oats are all used as cover crops in the farm’s carefully planned rotation.


The Farm Hub’s 30 acres of organically grown vegetables are the focal point of our ProFarmer and production staff training programs. Sweet corn, green beans, garlic, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, parsnips, and cabbage are grown at scale, with additional acreage dedicated to testing experimental cover crop mixes for minimum tillage systems. Working with partners to address food insecurity, the Farm Hub donates thousands of pounds of produce annually through regional networks.

Field Trials 

Current field trials in conjunction with Cornell Cooperation Extension (CCE) are adressing disease issues in garlic and pests in sweet potatoes and allium. A multi-year project with CCE and Cornell University is trialing small grains varieties, and Kernza, a perennial wheat, is being grown at the Farm Hub in partnership with the Land Institute. Our Farmscape Ecology team is engaged in long-term monitoring and has implemented a native meadow trial to examine habitat for beneficial insects and grassland birds and flood-prone areas.

Native American Seed Sanctuary

The Seed Sanctuary at the Farm Hub is a collaborative project with Seedshed and the Akwesasne/Mohawk tribe of northern New York State. We are growing Native American varieties of corns, beans, squash, and sunflowers for rematriation of seeds to the tribe and for youth and cultural programs at Akwesasne.

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