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Month: July 2021

Farm Hub Stories: Language Justice

In 2021 the Farm Hub is releasing four short videos in collaboration with Oceans 8 Films that highlight initiatives at the organization. The first of these stories focuses on the Language Justice program.

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Beetle Bank

The beetle bank on the farm is sprouting wildflowers and weeds. This past spring the bank – a 1000-foot unploughed strip that cuts across the width of a crop field which rotates through corn, soybeans, and small grains — was started on the farm.

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The Next Chapter

Jayne feels well prepared to tackle her dual role as farmer and entrepreneur. In 2017 she joined the ProFarmer Program at the Farm Hub, where the curriculum combined field and classroom learning.

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Meeting Demand

The pandemic drove/led the Farm Hub’s food donation and distribution in 2020, and it appears this will continue into the new year.

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