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Farm Hub Participates in Mohonk Consultations Conference on Farmworker Labor Conditions

A delegation of Farm Hub team members, including farmworkers, production managers, and staff recently participated in Mohonk Consultation’s conference “Pastures of Plenty? Food, Justice, and Labor in the Hudson Valley.”

The conference explored farmworker labor conditions in the Hudson Valley/Catskill region, paths to a just food system, and the role that communities, consumers, and governments play in the lives of farmworkers. In small group breakouts throughout the day, participants had the chance to reflect on the personal experiences shared by three workers and discuss ways to raise the visibility of issues impacting farmworkers.

Caitlin Salemi, the Farm Hub’s manager for organizational culture and team development, sat on the afternoon panel and spoke to some of the Farm Hub’s activities, including its recent efforts to offer more year-round production work and its language justice program, which aims to engage all voices on the Farm Hub staff.

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