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2017 Seed Sanctuary Harvest

Members of the St. Regis Akwesasne Mohawk community and the Ohero:kon Rites of Passage program joined the Hudson Valley Farm Hub for the 2017 Seed Sanctuary harvest in October. The harvest yielded over 1000 pounds of the nearly extinct Mohawk Red Bread Corn. We also saved over 200 pounds of Onondaga sunflower seeds seeds, and the Buffalo Creek Squash averaged at 40-60 pounds each! We introduced two new varieties of beans this year, too: the potato bean and the true red cranberry bean, making it viable to harvest four times the amount of beans compared to last season. What really defines our success though is the partnerships we built, and continue to build, with the St. Regis Akwesasne Mohawk community of northern New York and Seedshed.