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White Corn Harvest

This year was the sixth growing season of our partnership with seed keepers from the Akwesasne Mohawk community. Additionally, this year was the largest corn grow-out yet since the beginning of this partnership. Seed saved from the 2020 white corn seed increase amounted to six acres of white corn planted in 2021. Record rainfall worked against the drying down of this seed and food crop, all of which will be returned to its home community for distribution. The seed crop hand harvest was led by a crew of seed keepers from Akwesasne with the support of Farm Hub staff and community volunteers. The next harvest threshold for the white corn was the mechanical harvest and the sorting of edible seed from the seed destined for compost, losses mostly due to excess moisture this Fall. The amazing thing about seeds and the annual growing cycle is that as long as enough seed can be saved to plant again, there is always next year.  

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