Farmer Training Program

The Farmer Program is a multi-year, salaried, residential training program for those with farming experience.

Farmer Training Program

At this time, we are not accepting new applicants for the ProFarmer Program. Please join our mailing list to keep up-to-date about farmer training opportunities.

The ProFarmer Program is a multi-year, salaried, residential training program for those with farming experience who aspire to obtain professional farm management positions or to own and operate their own farm enterprises in the Hudson Valley. ProFarmer trainees are full-time, year-round employees of the Farm Hub and are offered the option of on-farm housing. Each year we select between three and five candidates to join the program which begins in March.

The ProFarmer Program offers both classroom education and hands-on training over the course of two to five years. Our mission-aligned curriculum is grounded in the operation of the Farm Hub enterprise with an emphasis on vegetable and grain production.  

ProFarmers work alongside our experienced farm staff in a participatory and collaborative learning environment. Core areas of training include:

  • Ecological farming practices
  • Agricultural and mechanical technical skills
  • Small business skills and leadership development

Here, ProFarmers can attain high-quality technical skills, knowledge of the Hudson Valley food system, strong relationships with colleagues within and off the farm, leadership and communication skills, business skills and expertise, and deep experience with equitable and ecologically regenerative farming practices.

ProFarmers are expected to make a multi-year commitment to the program. The ideal candidates should, among other qualifications, have significant farming experience, be dedicated to collaborative processes, and enthusiastic about the Farm Hub’s vision for an equitable and ecologically resilient food system.

For more information about our ProFarmers, see an overview of our current cohort.