The Journey of No-till Dry Edible Beans

Click here for a video clip of no-till planting dry beans using SF3 accuracy using the same zone builder GPS line.


In 2020 we began ramping up production of dry edible beans and planted eight different types including commercially available varieties like Pinto and Black Turtle, as well as heirloom varieties such as Tiger’s Eye.

We planted about 65 acres of beans using no-till methods into a fall rye stand that was either mowed off or rolled and crimped before planting the beans.  The fall rye was established in mid-September the previous fall. Harvest occurred late September and early October, and then a good portion of the bean crop was custom cleaned and donated to the emergency food systems. In this photo essay the field crops production team captures the behind the scenes of no-till dry bean production.

— Field Crops Team



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Where we rolled and crimped the rye first the zone builder bunched up and started pushing the flattened rye and made a mess.

Header photos by Oceans 8 Films
From left to right: Tiger’s Eye, Pinto Beans, Black Beans

Gallery photos and videos by Jay Goldmark and Andrew Casner