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Welcoming ‘Food Access’

Program focuses on producing and distributing vegetables and grains across the region

Raul Carreon is the Distribution Logistics and Food Safety Manager

The Farm Hub Programa de Acceso a los Alimentos focuses on the production and distribution of food grown at the Farm Hub. A major goal of the program is to feed the local community by distributing vegetables and grains to mission-aligned donation and wholesale partners. Looking ahead there are plans to partner with cultural institutions in the region to support their programs and events celebrating the importance of diverse foodways.

Katrina Light manages the program and works closely with partner organizations in the region on ensuring the food is distributed widely throughout the community. Light comes to the Farm Hub with nearly two decades of experience working on food justice and food security initiatives. 

The Food Access Program works closely with the production team, and in particular with Raul Carreon, the Farm Hub’s distribution logistics and food safety manager. Food Access emerged from what was previously the Community Food Program and is one of six programs advancing the organization’s mission to foster an equitable and ecologically resilient food system in the Hudson Valley. Learn more about the Food Access Program aquí.

Q&A with Katrina Light

Q: What was the inspiration behind renaming the program “Food Access?”
A: In 2023 the Community Food team moved on to form Milestone Mill. It seemed appropriate to retire that name and create a new program around what we do, which is to increase regional food access of the food grown on our farm.

Q: What are one or two new or developing aspects of the program that you’d like to highlight?
A: In addition to working on donations and wholesale distribution, we are working on increasing off-farm community engagement for our staff. We are brainstorming creative ways for our staff and our partners to work on events and programs together.

Q: As we move into the new year what are you most excited about? 
A: Looking forward to shepherding the staff garden and organizing a tour for all of our partners this fall.

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