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Farm Hub Hosts Grain Bin Safety Training

In March the Hudson Valley Farm Hub hosted a training for its staff, the Hurley Fire Department, and the Kingston Fire Department’s Confined Space & Rescue Team on how to respond in an emergency involving someone trapped in a grain bin. The training is part of the Farm Hub’s ongoing commitment to promoting a safety culture and addressing the hazards that farm workers face.  Grain bins pose significant dangers including engulfment and suffocation. Some 42 individuals were entrapped in grain bins (including fatal and non-fatal incidents) in 2022 in the U.S. according to Purdue University’s 2022 grain entrapment report. Special equipment can be used if someone becomes buried or trapped in the grain, which can act like quicksand, submerging the victim. Eric Rickenbach and Patrick Deegan of RescueTechs, LLC provided training on how to use specialized rescue equipment if someone becomes trapped. Participants learned how to prevent these types of accidents from occurring as well as what to do in an emergency. After a morning in the classroom, participants participated in a rescue simulation, where they used the equipment to “rescue” someone trapped in dried corn. The Farm Hub has the equipment on-site for emergencies and is working with the local fire departments to ensure they have access to the equipment if an emergency occurs in the community.

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