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Farmscape Ecology (2020)

Farming is ever-evolving. Today, when we think about what’s to come next for farmers a key question is, “How do we produce food and still maintain a livelihood for farmers while respecting the needs of other organisms with which we share the land?” As part of the Applied Farmscape Ecology Research Collaborative, scientists and researchers examine that question by researching and monitoring soil, water, and wildlife to discover how farming and wildlife co-exist.

Growing with the grain (2019)

This short documentary film on the small grains research trials continues to screen as part of Oceans 8 Films `Hope on the Hudson 2’ series. The trials are a collaboration between the Farm Hub and Cornell University and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County to gather data on a variety of grains and share their findings with area farmers interested in adding grains into their rotations and moving into the local grains market.

seeds of hope (2019)

Spotlighting the collaborative initiative to preserve Native American culture and foodways through seed saving, this initiative is being conducted at the Farm Hub in partnership with the Akwesasne Mohawk Tribe of northern New York and with the support of Seedshed.

Farm Hub Stories

What do Bobolinks, Language Justice and youth, and soil sampling have in common?
They are all subjects of a new series of short videos that highlight initiatives at our farm.