Fostering an Equitable and Ecologically Resilient Food System in the Hudson Valley.

The Hudson Valley Farm Hub is a non-profit center for regenerative agriculture located on 1,500 acres of prime farmland in Hurley, NY. We provide professional farmer training, host and support agricultural research, and serve as an educational resource for advances in food and farming.

Latest News

In early October, Farm Hub staff and friends gathered to express thanks to Eddie Clevenger, Director of Farm Operations. Having served[...]

Are Birds Farm Friendly?

Birds are commonly seen as a nuisance by farmers as they have been known to eat and damage crops. Researchers from Columbia University recently completed a pilot research study at the Farm Hub to examine whether birds can actually help farmers control pests, and whether there is a connection between sustainable agriculture and bird conservation.

The Wonder of the Bobolink

Researcher Noah Perlut examines the connections between farming and ecology by focusing on Bobolink migration.

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