Bringing Grains to the Hudson Valley
The Hudson Valley Farm Hub is extending its production and distribution of locally farmed products, including an assortment of grains, for Kingston and neighboring communities.
Introducing Milestone Mill
The Farm Hub is pleased to introduce flour, corn meal, beans, tortillas and tortilla chips made from organic ingredients grown at the Farm Hub and processed with co-packers around the state. These products are being sold under the newly created Milestone Mill brand. Milestone Mill is part of a new non-profit enterprise under development with NoVo Foundation and currently being incubated at the Farm Hub.
Seed Growing at the Hudson Valley Farm Hub
K Greene, who leads the Farm Hub’s Seed Growing Program, highlights various initiatives over the past season including deepening partnerships with the Akwesasne Seed Hub and The Lenape Center.
Farm Mechanic Basics Program to be Offered in Spanish this October
This fall the Farm Hub is offering a Fundamentos de Mecánica Agrícola (Farm Mechanic Basics) program in Spanish. The eight day-long sessions offer hands-on experience with agricultural mechanics in a state-of-the-art machine shop for farmers and other agricultural workers.
Interpretation Equipment Library Launches
Community organizations can now borrow equipment from the Language Justice Equipment Lending Library for simultaneous interpretation. Li Sierra who leads the Language Justice program shares the inspiration behind the library and how it works.
In Brief Summer 2022
A visit from the Ulster County Garden Club; a trip to Soul Fire Farm; Research Field Day organized by the Applied Farmscape Ecology Program; a farm stand led by youth from the Kingston YMCA Farm Project; a workshop for SUNY Ulster students; teaching farmers how to build high tunnels; La Nueva Siembra Graduation; discoveries of Great Horned Owls.