Celebrating People, Community, and Connections
Every individual and living being, including plants and wildlife, can play a part in creating positive societal change. Here is a tableau of images under the greater theme of Partnerships, which have helped make 2022 great on the farm and in the community.
Tackling the 'Allium Gap'
A new research project looks at whether onions and scallions can be successfully grown despite the frigid Northeast winters.
Learning Mechanic Basics 
During a November session of the Farm Mechanic Basics Program for Spanish speakers, beginning and emerging farmers learned about a variety of farm equipment especially as applicable to farming using organic practices.
Applied Farmscape Ecology Blog Launches
The Applied Farmscape Ecology blog goes deeper into the interactions between crop production and the ecology, biodiversity and natural history of the farm landscape.
Applied Farmscape Ecology Field Day
By Teresa Dorado, Applied Farmscape Ecology Program Coordinator On an August day with record high temperatures, researchers and community members came together at the Farm Hub for the Farmscape Ecology[...]
Bringing Grains to the Hudson Valley
The Hudson Valley Farm Hub is extending its production and distribution of locally farmed products, including an assortment of grains, for Kingston and neighboring communities.