Prescribing veggies
With access to fresh locally grown vegetables a continued challenge for many people, a new initiative at the Kingston Family Health Center offers patients easy access to ripe fruits and just harvested vegetables.
Thanking Eddie Clevenger As He Moves West
In early October, Farm Hub staff and friends gathered to express thanks to Eddie Clevenger, Director of Farm Operations. Having served as Director of Farm Operations at the Farm Hub since[...]
Are Birds Farm Friendly?
Birds are commonly seen as a nuisance by farmers as they have been known to eat and damage crops. Researchers from Columbia University recently completed a pilot research study at the Farm Hub to examine whether birds can actually help farmers control pests, and whether there is a connection between sustainable agriculture and bird conservation.
The Wonder of the Bobolink
Researcher Noah Perlut examines the connections between farming and ecology by focusing on Bobolink migration.
The Many Faces of Sunflowers
At the Farm Hub we are growing 19 varieties of sunflowers this season ranging from the canary-colored Teddy Bear at 2 feet tall and Lemon Queen at 7 feet tall, to the Mongolian Giant that tower over the fields at 14 feet.
2021 Native Meadow Twilight Meeting
Now into its fifth year, the Native Meadow Trial at the Farm Hub serves as a platform to explore how meadows intersect with insects, soil, water, and crops