Farm Mechanic Basics
The Farm Mechanic Basics Program (English) returned this past winter for its second year. The program offers hands-on experience with tractor operation, maintenance, and basic repair in 9 full-day sessions. Please enjoy a photo essay highlighting our 2023 cohort.
Winter Farming
Our fifth year of year-round farming highlights the work that occurs to produce and distribute food, and also spotlights the people who make it happen. Get a behind-the-scenes look at winter on the farm.
Encouraging Cavity-nesting Birds on Your Farm
Cavity-nesting birds such as Eastern Bluebirds and American Kestrels have experienced recent declines or are currently declining due to factors such as loss of habitat, introduced species and certain pesticides. Farms provide vital habitat for both common and declining species of birds.
Soil Sampling at the Farm
How can we optimize the productivity of a landscape while sustaining its vitality for future generations? This short video shows how soil sampling is an integral part of increasing biodiversity.
Winter in the Greenhouses
What creeps around inside the walls of a greenhouse in the winter? Common pests don’t always hibernate or overwinter as eggs, and diseases will show up if conditions are ideal. At the Farm Hub, production is year-round, and with crop production comes uninvited guests.
Cover Crops and Birds
Will Yandik is a fourth-generation farmer with a passion for studying the connections between birds and farmland. He leads a research study at the Farm Hub that examines whether farms can provide a home for winter birds with a mix of warm season cover crops.