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In Brief Summer 2023
This "In Brief” column includes graduate student Violet Wu’s research on Bobolinks and Blueberry Picking for community food distribution.
Walks and Workshops
This autumn the Farm Hub is hosting the following educational events at our farm. Many of our events are targeted at farmers and those who manage land. Read more here.
All About Tomatoes
In July the Farm Hub hosted a Tomato Scouting Workshop, held in Spanish, for farmers, gardeners, and others interested in growing tomatoes.
Let it Roll – 2023 Production Videos
Rolling, crimping, weed zapping – the production teams and the tools they depend on are in perpetual motion from spring to fall.
Weather Data for Farmers
The Hudson Valley Farm Hub is contributing data to a national weather network for farmers.
Farmscape Ecology Field Day 2023
On August 9, 2023, the Hudson Valley Farm Hub hosted a half-day event at the farm showcasing the work of researchers from the Applied Farmscape Ecology Research Collaborative (AFERC).