Sandhill Cranes at the Farm
A pair of Sandhill Cranes were discovered at the Farm Hub near a recently harvested wheat field as well as an irrigation pond, typical migratory and roosting habitats for this species.
Protecting Sweet Corn 
The Farm Hub participates in the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program’s Sweet Corn Pheromone Trap Network. The Applied Farmscape Ecology staff set moth traps for a variety of common sweet corn pests and monitors the data, which is important for healthy yield.
Photo Gallery: Beauty on the Farm
The spring and summer seasons at the farm are some of the busiest as we ramp up production. At the same time these seasons offer many highlights on the beauty of the farm.
Searching for Successful No-till Crop Sequences
What cover crop and cash crop mixes are most effective when it comes to organic no-till farming? In this feature, Uriel Menalled and Matthew Ryan, agroecologists at Cornell University write about a research collaboration between the Hudson Valley Farm Hub and Cornell Sustainable Cropping Systems Lab.
Field Crops Field Day Attracts Local Growers
The Field Crops Field Day held on June 30 at the Farm Hub, drew more than 30 farmers along with bakers and agricultural scholars from around the region.
Seeking Bobolinks: Q&A With Noah Perlut
Researcher Noah Perlut and a field crew of students returned to the Farm Hub to study the connection between grassland songbirds and agriculture.