The Farm Hub serves as a resource for advances in food and farming in the Hudson Valley.



The Hudson Valley Farm Hub is a non-profit center for resilient agriculture located on 1,500 acres of prime farmland in Hurley, NY. We provide professional farmer training, host and support agricultural research, demonstrate new farm technologies, and serve as an educational resource for advances in food and farming.


Our mission is to foster an equitable and ecologically resilient food system in the Hudson Valley – one that serves the needs of our communities while working in partnership with nature.

Challenges & Opportunities

The challenges facing our food system are significant. Climate change has brought extreme weather and with it flooding, soil loss, pests, and diseases. A nationalized food distribution system is squeezing small and mid-sized farms out of wholesale markets. Steep land prices and equipment costs are making farm ownership challenging, if not prohibitive. Many of these factors have contributed to what has been a dramatic loss of farmland in the Hudson Valley over the course of a generation.

The strengths and opportunities we have available to address these challenges are also impressive. With strengths like deeply rooted farming traditions, excellent soils, young growers eager to explore farming careers, and proximity to New York City markets, the Hudson Valley region is well poised to capture the momentum of the burgeoning local food movement. 

The Farm Hub began working with Hudson Valley farmers and partner organizations to identify barriers to and opportunities for building a resilient food system. Farmers and agricultural experts agreed on the need for regionally focused field research and training for the next generation of farmers. The vision emerged for a non-profit Farm Hub to serve as a center to meet these needs.  A search for land led to the Gill Farm, whose central location, large number of acres, superior soil quality and extensive on-farm infrastructure made it the ideal place to turn the Farm Hub vision into a reality.

The Farm Hub was founded in 2013 and began the transition from private farm operation to a non-profit organization. Many of the original collaborators continue to be involved, even as the Farm Hub expands its circle of advisors and partner organizations. By bringing resources, people and institutions together, the Farm Hub is building programming to harness the region’s strengths for a more resilient future.