Farm Hub Stories

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Storytelling is a critical platform in connecting what we do at the Farm Hub with the community at large.

We continue to extend our multimedia storytelling platform, which includes documentary, still photography, the written word and increasingly video, in sharing more about the work we do. In 2021 we launched “Farm Hub Stories” a special series of short videos that highlight initiatives of the Farm Hub as part of a collaboration with environmental filmmaker Jon Bowermaster. Please enjoy the videos below. 

language justice & Youth

Connecting Language Justice with youth and art in the community.

The Wonder of the Bobolink

Follow the journey of palm-sized songbirds from a New York farm field to Argentina and back.

Will Yandik: Research on Cover Crops and Birds

Will Yandik is a fourth-generation farmer studying the connections between winter birds and farmland.

seeds of hope (2019)

Spotlighting the collaborative initiative to preserve Native American culture and foodways through seed saving, this initiative is being conducted at the Farm Hub in partnership with the Akwesasne Mohawk Tribe of northern New York and with the support of Seedshed.