Milestone Mill

The Farm Hub is pleased to introduce flour, corn meal, beans, tortillas and tortilla chips made from organic ingredients grown at the Farm Hub and processed with co-packers around the state. These products, developed under the newly created Milestone Mill brand, are now available for purchase at the Kingston and Beacon Farmers Markets. Milestone Mill is part of a new non-profit enterprise under development by NoVo Foundation currently being incubated at the Farm Hub.

Collaboration and research

Among the Farm Hub’s key initiatives have been those around food access and efforts to strengthen the local and regional food supply.  Our donations of organically grown vegetables, from our fields to food pantries, have dramatically increased over the past few years.  Another important expanding landscape has been locally grown grains and the food processing capacity that we know is needed to connect farmers with eaters in the Hudson Valley and vice-versa.   Many of our partners have been involved in research trials through almost a decade of collaboration that has included farmers, field researchers, food processors and bakers.  This exploration has pointed to the vision for a regional mill here in the Hudson Valley to help fill infrastructure gaps between farmer and consumer.

Future Mill and Food Lab

Milestone Mill, ultimately to be sited near Kingston at a new facility, will provide an important vehicle for research and development, as well as a space for community education about healthy local food. This future facility is expected to be fully realized within the next three years.

In the short term, while Milestone Mill is being designed and built, we will be installing temporary milling equipment in an existing building at the Farm Hub.  This way, the milling initiative can continue to launch and generate more healthy, locally produced food for everyone to enjoy.

Stay tuned and in the meantime please direct inquiries about Milestone Mill to [email protected].