Erik Kivia PhD and Jason Tesauro

Research: Turtles and farming

Hudsonia and Jason Tesauro Consulting

Hudsonia conducts research in the environmental sciences and produces educational products for environmental professionals, land managers, and others.
Hudsonia and Jason Tesauro Consulting joined the Farm Hub Research Collaborative to study the relationships of turtles to agriculture and devise methods for reducing adverse impacts on turtles. We marked individual turtles at the Farm Hub and another farm site in 2018, and starting in 2019 we radio-tracked wood turtles at the two sites. We have also surveyed for nesting females each year. Turtles spend most of their time in wild vegetation and waters, but venture into farm fields enough to expose themselves to hazards. Tracking the turtles has allowed us to learn where and when turtles cross roads and enter the crop fields where they are at risk of injury and death from farm equipment. We are still tracking turtles in 2021, and working with farm staff to experiment with small changes to cropping practices that will help reduce the risks to the turtles while not having major impacts on farm operations.
About Erik Kiviat PhD :

Erik Kiviat PhD (Executive Director, Hudsonia) has 50 years of experience studying the wildlife and plants of the Hudson Valley and neighboring regions, and has had a particular interest in turtles since childhood. Erik has graduate degrees from SUNY New Paltz and the Union Institute.

About Jason Tesauro :

Jason Tesauro MS (Principal, Jason Tesauro Consulting) has conducted field research and management work on turtles of conservation concern for many years in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and other states. He has a graduate degree from Rutgers University.