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In Brief Winter/Spring 2023 

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A Red fox at the Farm Hub. Photo courtesy of Bob Miller 

Blog Launch 
We invite you to check out our new Applied Farmscape Ecology blog which goes deeper into the interactions between crop production and the ecology, biodiversity, and natural history of the farm landscape. Our first blog posts take a closer look at a common crop pest, a widespread arachnid, and an unusual puddle-dwelling organism. Other posts address pests in the greenhouse and the Winter lives of wildlife at the Farm Hub. Subscribe to the blog to be notified of new posts. 

Black History Month Kingston 
Black History Month Kingston was marked with many activities including the Land in Black Hands Celebration held on February 23. The 4th annual gathering, organized by the Kingston Land Trust, drew many members of the community who celebrated Black farmers and land stewards and talked about the future of land in Kingston and the region. The Farm Hub was among the many community sponsors of the event. 

At right, Shaniqua Bowden of the Kingston Land Trust makes welcoming remarks at the 4th annual Land in Black Hands Celebration.
Members of the Kingston YMCA Farm Project Cooking Crew make meals for donation.

Kingston YMCA Farm Project Cooking Classes 
The Kingston YMCA Farm Project Youth Cooking Crew ran from November through February at the YMCA of Kingston & Ulster County. The members of the Cooking Crew — students at Kingston High School – made meals for distribution into the community, and on Wednesdays they cooked meals for themselves to enjoy together. Many of the recipes came from the Cooking Crew’s cookbook while others were created impromptu depending on the produce available. Vegetables, black beans, and blueberries were donated by the Farm Hub. Cooking Crew meals were distributed through the Kingston Community Fridges. These refrigerators that are located throughout the city are stocked with produce and prepared meals that are free and accessible to the public. Current fridge locations include one next to the Arts Society of Kingston at 97 Broadway on the Strand, a second at the Clinton Avenue United Methodist Church, and a third at 14 Van Buren Street.

Speaking at NOFA-NY
K Greene, who leads our Seed Growing Program, spoke on the Community Seed Saving Intensive Panel at NOFA-NY’s Virtual Winter Conference in February. Greene also spoke at the 11th Annual Seed Library Summit and The Diaspora Sessions

Online Interpreter Practice 
The Language Justice Program has been holding virtual interpreter practice sessions two times per month on Zoom. The sessions are free and open to anyone who has an interest and/or experience with interpretation. The practice sessions have been popular and drawn participants from not only the Hudson Valley region but across the country and even internationally. For more information register here or email Li Sierra, Language Justice Program Manager, at [email protected]

Holiday Bird Count 
A total of 531 birds from 29 species were identified at the Audubon Christmas Bird Count held at the Farm Hub on December 17. The birds found in the highest number were the European Starling, Mourning Dove, and Dark-eyed Junco. A Hairy Woodpecker, Black-capped Chickadee, Bald Eagles, Great Horned Owls, and Eastern Bluebirds were among the mix too. The event, led by our Applied Farmscape Ecology Program staff, attracted passionate birders from our staff and community who volunteered to take a tally. The National Audubon Society 123rd annual Christmas Bird Count, held between December 14 and January 5, takes the data collected from researchers, biologists, wildlife agencies, and other interested individuals to study the long-term health and status of bird populations across North America. A total of 186 species of birds have been identified at the Farm Hub to date.

A male Eastern Bluebird perches on a branch blanketed in frost. Photo courtesy of Bob Miller, a volunteer who participated in the Christmas Bird Count and helps with bird surveys.

We Are Hiring
Interested in joining the Farm Hub team?  Check out our employment page where we list office and field-based opportunities throughout the year. Click here to learn more about the open positions.

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