Shafiul Chowdhury PhD

Research: Water quality and AG land use

SUNY New Paltz

The Environmental Geoscience Programs of SUNY New Paltz provide a rigorous education in geology, chemistry, biology, and math with an emphasis on environmental problem-solving, creative thinking and teamwork.

Ecofriendly Agricultural Practices: Finding Ways to Improve Water Quality and Quantity

Like all streams passing through transitions of developed environments, water quality of the lower Esopus Creek is at risk of contamination. The creek serves as an economic asset for farming communities within its watershed, and it is exposed to changing land management practices as it courses its length. Stream water chemistry parameters have been monitored over a span of multiple growing seasons to evaluate the evolution of water quality for a selected reach of the drainage basin. The intention is to determine if the water contamination and consumption gets reduced due to environmentally friendly growing practices implemented by the Hudson Valley Farm Hub (HVFH). The eventual goals of this study are to quantify ideal nutrient loads for sustainable agricultural production and to introduce recommendations for water usage during irrigation that conserve water, prevent water contamination, and reduce soil erosion.
About Shafiul Chowdhury PhD:

Shafiul Chowdhury is a devoted educator focused on discovering ways to provide clean water for everyone on this planet cost effectively. Explore innovative ways to sustainable exploitation of surface and groundwater resources for different purposes. Most importantly, finding ways to prevent water pollution and to minimize wasteful use of this life sustaining commodity.