Research: Optimizing Water Quality and Quantity in Agricultural Systems

SUNY New Paltz

Environmental Science and Geology Program of SUNY New Paltz provides a rigorous education in geology, chemistry, biology, and math with an emphasis on environmental problem-solving, creative thinking and teamwork.

Investigating Water Quality Dynamics in the Lower Esopus Creek: Impacts of Changing Land Management Practices and Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives

The lower Esopus Creek, vital to farming communities in its watershed, faces threats to its water quality as it traverses developed environments. This study examines how evolving land management practices influence water chemistry parameters over multiple growing seasons. Specifically, it assesses the effectiveness of environmentally friendly practices implemented by the Hudson Valley Farm Hub (HVFH) in reducing water contamination and consumption. Through this research, we aim to establish optimal nutrient loads for sustainable agriculture and propose recommendations for water usage during irrigation, prioritizing water conservation, pollution prevention, and erosion control.
About Shafiul Chowdhury PhD:

Shafiul Chowdhury, an impassioned educator, is dedicated to innovating cost-effective solutions to ensure universal access to clean water. His focus extends to exploring new approaches for sustainably harnessing both surface and groundwater resources across various applications. Vital to his work is the quest to mitigate water pollution and decrease wasteful usage of this indispensable resource, thereby safeguarding its life-sustaining essence for generations to come.


View the report here.

View the report here.