Testing out the Asparagus Planter

Each spring there is a narrow window when asparagus can be planted. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, it can be impossible to plant as much as a crop plan might demand. In an effort to become more efficient with our asparagus planting, our team took some time over the winter to develop a new asparagus planter with the goal of significantly reducing the time required for planting. In this video, Sam Tafolla Jr. explains the work he and the rest of the crew did to build the new planter.

Asparagus is a challenging crop for organic farmers. “Weed control in a perennial system is much more difficult than in an annual system,” according to Jean-Paul Courtens, Associate Director of Farmer Training. “We only planted two acres this year so we can try a few different approaches to weed control. If we’re successful then down the road we would hope to plant more.”