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Thanking Eddie Clevenger As He Moves West

In early October, Farm Hub staff and friends gathered to express thanks to Eddie Clevenger, Director of Farm Operations. Having served as Director of Farm Operations at the Farm Hub since 2016, Eddie will be moving with his family to Nebraska next month to start a new position as Head of Farming West for Belltown Farms.   

As steward of the Farm Hub’s crop production and operations, land management, and a number of key on-farm infrastructure projects, Eddie was pivotal in advancing the well-being and growth of our organization over these past years.  We are exceedingly grateful for his devotion to the land, the knowledge and wisdom he shared with us, and the terrific farm operation and team that flourished under his guidance here at the Farm Hub. Though he will be missed in the Hurley Flats, we are thrilled for Eddie as he makes this exciting move!  

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