What’s Growing 2019

The winter months give farmers the opportunity to think strategically and gear up farm operations for the coming season. At the Farm Hub, we refine the crop plan, order the seeds, create a planting schedule, reorder supplies, and make repairs to machinery and farm infrastructure.

The 2019 crop map, shown here, reflects the careful planning that takes place during the colder months.

Rotating between cover crops, field crops, and vegetable crops, our multi-year approach maximizes soil health and flow of people and equipment across the farm. On the northernmost section of the map, you will see the Native American Seed Sanctuary, where we are planning the larger grow outs of sunflowers for the fourth consecutive year.  This season’s Three Sisters Garden (corn, beans, and squash) will be planted next to the 30 acres designated for vegetable production. Among the 11 vegetable crops grown are broccoli, cauliflower, sweet corn, carrots, and garlic.

Our 450 acres of field crops incorporate corn, soy, spring wheat and rye grain, and a spectrum of cover crops such as red clover, oats and a diversified grow out that includes Sorghum Sudangrass and Summer Lovegrass Teff.

This year, our field trials include: the native meadow trial, small grains trial, the nematode biocontrol trial, a continuation of our Kernza grow out, and the allium leafminer trial.

Click here for a full view of the 2019 crop map.