Anne Bloomfield

Research: Birds and year-round habitat use

Hudson Valley Farm Hub

When Anne began at the Farm Hub, there were no comprehnisve, consistent or accessible historic records of bird species found in much of the Hurley Flats. Moreover, year-round habitat use data for birds using agricultural habitats in The Northeast was insufficient. In 2015, Anne began collecting year-round habitat use data of birds at the Farm Hub as well as creating an up-to-date inventory of bird species found on the farm. In addition to creating a historic record of bird species, Anne’s work has helped inform habitat management activities on the farm, presence of species of concern as well as birds’ use of novel crops such as the semi-perennial grain, kernza. Anne’s work helps inform other projects in the collaborative that require local knowledge of birds’ natural history and habitat use. Anne enjoys teaching about birds as well as helping landowners problem solve how encouraging birds can be compatible with their land use and stewardship goals.

About Anne Bloomfield:

Anne Bloomfield manages the Applied Farmscape Ecology Program at the Farm Hub and co-coordinates the Applied Farmscape Ecology Research Collaborative with the Hawthorne Valley Farmscape Ecology Program. In addition to her own projects focusing on the conservation of birds and their habitats, she organizes the annual operations and daily logistics of the collaborative and provides support for its fieldwork, outreach and events.


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