Research: Cover crop as habitat for winter birds

Green Acres Farm

As farmers of all scales and practices diversify cover crops to improve soil health, combat weeds, improve water retention, and sequester carbon, Will is interested in studying the ecological benefits of warm season cover crops with an emphasis on their potential to provide habitat for birds. A variety of sorghum-sudangrass dominant mixes are planted at the HV Farm Hub providing an excellent opportunity to study their habitat value for a variety of ground-feeding birds. Will is examining the food and sheltering potential of warm season covers when left unmowed through the winter months and comparing these human-created habitats to natural landscapes. As a practicing farmer, Will is interested in strategies that encourage other farmers to improve on-farm habitat quality within the practical boundaries of farm profitability.

About Will Yandik:

Will Yandik is a fourth generation farmer, Hudson Valley native, and independent resesarcher with a background in environmental sciences from Princeton University, The University of Wisconsin and Brown University.