Farm Hub and Partners Celebrate Five Years of Small Grains Research

“We’ve achieved proof of concept.”

To celebrate the last five years of small grains research, the Farm Hub held an event Tuesday recognizing the progress made and the eleven partners in the Hudson Valley that made this project possible. This research aims to determine which varieties of wheat, barley, rye, and oats can be grown in the Hudson Valley organically and to reestablish the connections that once existed between growers, millers, maltsters, brewers, distillers, and researchers.

The event began with a screening of a short film by Oceans 8 Films on the research. A panel discussion followed with Mark Sorrels of Cornell University, Artie Lapp of the Farm Hub, Dennis Nesel of Hudson Valley Malt, Don Lewis of Wild Hive Farm, Sharon Burns-Leader of Bread Alone Bakery, Christian Masatzki of Cornell Cooperative Extension Ulster County, and June Russell of GrowNYC. Finally, a tasting was held with Bread Alone, From The Ground BreweryKeegan Ales, and Our Daily Bread.

We wish to thank all 11 of the partners that are involved in this project. We’re excited by the promise of a renewed local grains economy in the Hudson Valley.

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